may 14th Eddie hubbard
June 11th - Bill Griffin (SOULPOWER RADIO)
July 9th - Bob Hill (ILLICIT GROOVES)
August 13th - Darrell Steaman & Sidney Gabbidon (IT'S A MUZIC THING)
September 10th - Jamie McGreal (LONDON SOUL CRUISE)
October 8th - Mark Coddington (SIMPLY SOUL RECORDS)

November 12th - Mark Randle (SOUL PURPOSE)
December 10th - CANCELLED

February 11th - Andy Coles (COTSWOLD PARK SOUL WKNDER)
March 11th - John Manship (RARESOULMAN RECORDS)
April 8th - Jelana & Michael (SOUL COLLECTIVE)

may 6th ALL DAYER - Tony MK (MK Soul Club) Sidney Gabbidon (It's A Music Thing) Tom Howard (Banbury Soul Club) Roger Smart (Jazz Aroma) Grant Fisher (Soulpower Radio) Darrell steaman (it's a music thing)

Michael McKenna (Soul Collective)
May 13th 1st Anniversary - Paul Garland (SOULFUSION/starpoint radio)
June 10th - COLIN CURTIS

July 8th - Ade Whiting (MODERN SOUL AT THE MILL)
August 12th - Dave Lyn (MUSIC WITHOUT LABELS)
September 9th - Ian Dewhirst (WIGAN CASINO. BOLSOUL, MASTERCUTS)
October 14th - Steve Aspey (THE HIP DROP)
November 11th - John Corless (the blue room, lincoln)
December 9th - Ben Coppin (THE JOURNEY MEN)


13th January - Neil Self (SOULFUSION)

10th February - COLIN CURTIS

10th March - Mike 'Maz' Mazurek (OXFORD SOUL CLUB)

14th April - Nick Hosier (Shiftless Shuffle)

12th May 2nd Anniversary - DR BOB JONES 

9th June - Chris Box (Bol Soul/LUXURY SOUL WEEKEND)

14th July - Ben Coppin (THE JOURNEY MEN)

11th August - Lenny Dopson (SOUL IN THE BOWL)

8th September - John Manship 

13th October - Soul Sam

10th November - Sue Playfair (ECLECTIC SOUL)

8th December - Jerry Hipkiss (SOULFUSION/GLOUCESTER FM)

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